Remediation, Restoration, and Redevelopment

Our expertise lies in the remediation of contaminated sites using a variety of approaches. We work with businesses to develop remedial action plans that minimize liability, cost, and exposure while maximizing cleanup effectiveness and restorative measures. Rooted in the post-cleanup process of emergency spill response, we’ve managed the remediation of hundreds of sites contaminated by oil, fuel, caustics, PCBs, solvents, and other contaminants through projects that range in size, scope, cost, and duration.

Benefits of Environmental Remediation

  • Enhancing the quality of previously developed land: Brownfield land refers to land that is currently unused but was previously used and may contain contaminants or pollutants that make it unsafe to use. Environmental remediation allows these sites to be brought to a state where it can be used safely.
  • Improving human health: Environmental contamination can have a severe negative impact on human health. Removing or neutralizing contaminants through environmental remediation reduces the risk of humans being exposed to hazardous compounds and developing illnesses or suffering injuries.
  • Boosting ecosystems: Improving the quality of an environment benefits the plants, animals, and people residing in it.
  • Reducing material damage: Reducing contaminant levels in the soil and groundwater can reduce the damage experienced by equipment, buildings, and other structures that come into contact with the environmental media.
  • Improving aesthetics: Remediated environments look and smell better.
  • Delivering continuing support: Even after a remediation job is finished, remediation teams can provide advice, testing, and evaluation services to ensure the site continues to be safe for use. 

Environmental Remediation Services at Amgref Global

1. Brownfields Remediation
2. Coal Combustion Byproduct (Fly Ash) Management
3. Contaminated Soil Excavation
4. Dredging/Sediment Remediation
5. Environmental Containment
6. Environmental Restoration
7. Facility Decontamination/Demolition
8. Hazardous Waste Management
9. Landfill Cell Cap & Construction
10. MGP Site Restoration
11. PCB Testing, Removal, & Remediation
12. Pit, Pond, and Lagoon Closure
13. Soil Stabilization, Solidification, and Mixing
14. UST/AST Tank Removal
15. Vacuum Excavation & Extraction